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Reader Show-and-Tell

One of the joys of writing a blog like this is receiving comments from people I've never met in real life, but who have stumbled upon my blog from somewhere in webland, and found something on it worth responding to. It's really great to know my ideas are bubbling out and reaching people.

So this time I'd like to put aside my usual format and get to know some of my readers a little better. If you don't mind, I'd be very grateful if you can drop a comment answering these:

1. Who are you? (student, researcher, generally interested person, ...)

2. How did you find this blog?

3. What topics interest you most within those I've discussed?

4. What else interests you, either within or outside of the complex systems field?

Those who I do know in real life are also quite welcome to respond!


  1. I'm Blake, you know me from real life (well, if academia counts), and I'm terribly behind on everything because my laptop got stolen and I've had to get a new computer set up!

  2. D'oh! That's horrible! How is the new one treating you?

  3. Again, sorry to back post but
    1.My name is Rob, and I'm finishing up my senior year in HS before I go to RPI in New York to study Computer Science.
    2. I can't remember exactly, but I think it was a reference just as iot started up by a fellow science blogger.
    3. I have a particular interest in the problems regarding the human mind and definitions of life.
    4. One of my favorite things to think/study/debate about it cognitive science as it relates to psychology and AI.

  4. Ben: I, like several posters and lurkers hereabouts, came from's discussion forum ("the Fray"). It's still up and running, but fairly moribund and buggy and, if rumour has it right, not long for this world. (It's owned by [financially-troubled, as they say] Washington Post now, they purchased it from Microsoft a few years ago.)

    I wish you success with your blog and look forward to upcoming posts.

  5. Thanks for the responses! @syd-I saw on Google analytics that on one particular day I had 10 referrals from I was curious as to how this happened, but I couldn't track down exactly where the link came from. Thanks for helping to clarify this mystery.

  6. 1) Computer science student
    2) Trough your sing at mtgsalvation
    3) graphs (but that's not saying much, It'd be fair to say all your posts are very interesting)
    4) Information theory


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